Mary Carrico Catholic School
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Thank you to the Friends of Mary Carrico! - Updated January 19th

As of January 19th, our Friends of Mary Carrico have contributed a total $11,246!!!  Thank you so much for your support of our Catholic school! It is not too late to join our mission. Only $3,574 to go to reach our goal!

Our school continues to see new growth every year! On the National Day of Giving, Tuesday, November 28th, 2023 we launched our "Friends of Mary Carrico" campaign. We are looking for 125 "Friends of Mary Carrico" to donate $120 (the equivalent of $10 a month for a year) to Mary Carrico Catholic School's general fund for a grand total of $15,000!! Donating as a "Friend of Mary Carrico" you are joining our mission "to provide an environment for a quality faith-based academic education that prepares its students to become successful in living the Gospel of Christ, and capable of success in all aspects of life." Donations of any amount for our growing school are greatly appreciated. Those who donate can give in memoriam, in honor of loved ones or remain anonymous, if they so choose. Click here to become a Friend of Mary Carrico!

Friends of Mary Carrico

 James and Phoebe Huff 

Stephen and Sonya Beyke 

Brad and Melanie Mills 

Brandon and Kara Meschko 

Bill Lanham 

John and Deborah Hermann 

Tom and Mildred Carrico 

Martha Morris 

Toni Isbill 

John and Tonya Payne in honor of Joseph Payne 

Donald and Martha Morris in honor of the William Smith Family and Clinford Morris Family 

Stephen and Beverly Hamilton 

Wanda Lanham 

David and Julie Mills 

Jim and Debbie Peters in honor of Conder and Peters Families 

Larry and Connie O’Bryan in honor of Laura Cecil 

Jamie and Charla Coomes 

Steve and Tonya Millay 

Sally Nash in honor of Earl Nash 

JC and Sharon Roby in honor of Jason & Carrie O’Bryan, 

Oran & Nancy Bowlds in honor of Ora & Catherine Bowlds, JL and Dorothy 

Oran and Nancy Bowlds - In honor of Roberts Family 

Bobby and Joy Turner in honor of Turner Family 

Bob and Anna Turner in honor of Turner Family 

Kenny and Benita Turner 

Bill and Mary Lou Hamilton in honor of Justin and Aiden Lanham 

Mike and Pat Mattingy 

Ann Cecil in honor of Rylan and Avery Cecil 

David and Janette Ford in honor of Hank and Amelia Ford 

Lewis and Jackie Varble 

Derrick Payne 

Andy & Amy, Drew and Molly Brown in memory of Nick Brown 

Hannah Taylor in honor of the Boehman Kids 

Mark and Andrea Schmitt in honor of Diann Schmitt 

Coty and Lora Johnson in memory of Kay Johnson 

Tom and Rhonda Smith 

Ralph & Donna Scott in honor of our faith community 

Kena Lanham in honor of Collin and Eden Schwartz 

Rob and Missy Ebelhar in honor of Hannah Eblehar 

Tina Knott in memory of Victor and Magdalene Knott 

Martin and Joan Hayden 

Julie and Kerry Pence 

Justin and Toni Howe 

Barbara Huskisson in honor of Vincent and Anna Sue Payne 

Richard & Mary Jean Payne in honor of Robert Edge 

Mary Hodgkins in honor of Lena Payne 

Paul Crowe in honor of the Crowe Family 

Brad & Tonya Smith in honor of Ethan and Hunter Smith

Minnie Payne

Marvin Boling in honor of Lori Ann Boling

Barry Mayfield in honor of Newman and Mary Beth Haynes

Joe and Christina Schepers in honor of Marcella Schepers (formers teacher who retired from MCCS)

Phillip and Karen Jarren

Steve and Joetta Johnson

Charlie and Pat Lanham in honor of the Warren Lanham family

Charles and Ann Roby

Glenn and Sharon Hamilton in honor of Betty and Jerome Hamilton

Bart and Christie Cecil in honor of Keith Payne

Brian and Carrie Payne

Joseph and Dorothy Payne in honor of Francis Morris

 Anonymous Donors – giving “in honor of” 

 Ryan & Gracie John & Edna Mae Lanham Family 

Isaac & Frances Weidenbenner 

The Meserve & Johnson families 

The Schwartz children - In gratitude of our grandchildren’s school 

Vincent & Mildred O’Bryan 

JC & Martha Hardesty 

Wayne Knott 

Bernard Murphy 

Fr. Augusty Valomchalil 

Les & Lettie Mae Payne Family (L & D)

Harold Bennett and all the Edge Family

Ricky Brooks

Charles and Helen Payne

John D. and Anna Byrne